Join us in ending the nursing shortage

The nursing profession is facing an alarming future due to a significant labor shortage.  

The demand for nurses is expected to grow by 1,009,000 by 2024

The result is a deficit of 569,700 nurses or a total expected workforce deficit of nearly 18% (BLS, 2015)

The Nursing Shortage

We don’t have an enrollment issue we have a nursing student success issue.

Potential nurses failed the NCLEX last year

These are qualified nursing students who received passing grades throughout their nursing school journey but failed to become nurses.

0 %
Percentage of nursing students to fail out or leave school

This is nearly 10% higher than all other college majors nationally. As nursing educators we must find a solution to help our students.

0 %
Percentage of new nurses who quit their first year

These nurses feel overwhelmed and underprepared due to a lack of training once in the workforce. 



Of qualified potential nurses will never make it to the hospital floor.

The process of nursing education as it exists today is losing nearly 61% of qualified applicants.

Changing Nursing Education

At, we believe that the fastest, most cost efficient, and effective way to end the nursing shortage is to tackle the aforementioned deficiencies within nursing education itself. If the current deficiencies are addressed, nursing schools will be able to:

    • Admit more Qualified Applicants
    • Reduce Attrition Rates and
    • Decrease Failure Rates on the licensing exam

The consequence is that 250% more new nurses reach the hospital floor confident and prepared so they stay in their first job longer. This fact could have an significant impact on the shortage.


Modernized Teaching Methods Using the
Core Content Mastery Method ™

Our pedagogy, the Core Content Mastery Method™ or CCMM enables educators to easily identify the core content a learner must master. The Core Content Mastery Method™ provides an outline for creating and delivering that content in a learner focused, multimodal environment thereby delivering fast, relevant, and succinct content. Technology natives, defined by Pensky (2001) as those who have spent their entire lives surrounded by the tools of a digital world, process information differently than their predecessors. Using the  the Core Content Mastery Method™ educators can develop and deliver curriculum to meet the learning preferences of the technology native.

Our proprietary training and structured platform around CCMM enables ease of curriculum development, storage, and delivery. With CCMM, nurse educators are able to save time developing lesson plans while feeling confident they are teaching those things that best enable to learner.   Curriculum is developed and taught by CCMM and trained nurse educators who are currently practicing in their specialty field. Educational institutions then gain complete access to our growing library of curriculum and resources.

Universities and educational institutions are able to harness the data from our global platform to ensure students are progressing inline with passing standards and reduce costs in delivery of content.

The Results

Randomized results from 250 students in 2019.

1 %
Students saw their lowest grade increase by 5% or more
1 %
students saw their overall GPA jump by 0.4% or more
1 %
Students would recommend to a friend

Empowering the modern nurse educator is crucial to ending the nursing shortage.

Simply focusing on faculty attrition is shortsighted in that it fails to embrace modern technologies and will not provide the rapid response to the nursing shortage required. provides a platform that enables the educator to educate at scale while embracing modern technologies and improving student outcomes.

We feel that democratizing education and providing the best place for nurses to learn requires bold action.

We invite you to help us end the nursing shortage.

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